230 West Jersey St., Suite 105, Elizabeth, NJ 07202

Cell - (908)220-1188  Office - (908)289-1771

Over 25 Years of Experience 

Working in FOUR Areas of LAW-

TRAFFIC OFFENSES -  DWI, Drugs in Auto, Unlawful Passing, Failure to sop and all other moving  violations.

CRIMINAL OFFENSES - Drug Possession,  Assault, Shoplifting, Domestic Violence and all other offenses.

BANKRUP TCY - Eliminate your Debts and Keep All Your Property.  You Probably Qualify.

FAMILY - Divorce,  Child  Support, Parenting Time, Equitable Distribution and Custody.



The Courts in which I practice know me for over 25 YEARS.

will be the ONLY LAWYER representing you.  One on one PERSONALIZED treatment.

I NEVER send another lawyer to court in my place.

I accept and return calls until 11:00 P.M. every day, weekends included. 

I fully understand that YOU ARE THE REASON MY OFFICE EXISTS.

I can resolve problems in minutes when other lawyers can take days.